&quotRespawn’s senior map designer <b>Mohammad Alavi</b> talks to X-ONE about 
                <br><i>Titanfall’s</i> narrative ambitions, its influences and how the campaign will
                <br>meld with multiplayer." - X-One Magazine
               	"<b>Mohammad Alavi</b> is responsible for some of the most intense and 
                <br> memorable campaign levels in <i>Call of Duty</i> history." - Edge Magazine
				&quotThe <i>Call of Duty</i> killer." - Gamespot
                "[ Mohammad Alavi ] of <i>Call of Duty</i>'s 'No Russian'  
                <br>Massacre Wanted You to Feel Something" - Kotaku
                <b>Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare</b>
                &quotMohammad Alavi is... the designer responsible for one of <i>Call <br>
                of Duty 4</i>'s most memorable levels, All Ghillied Up." - PC Gamer
                <b>Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2</b>
                &quotHas there ever been more of a furore behind a controversial gaming moment
                <br>than Modern Warfare 2’s No Russian mission? Probably not." - Games Radar